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Thread: Copyright rules

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    Copyright rules

    This is covered in the site rules "General Rules of Conduct" section 3 line e, but I wanted to remind you all about copyright because I know there will be strong temptations to copy and paste data from other web sites. On TVT this will not be allowed. I believe a person is always entitled to copy and paste their own content and/or posts, but no other material will be allowed without written permission from the owner of such information.

    Any such data found on this site will be removed and the poster will be warned. Multiple offenses will lead to suspension. Also, please do not hot-link images from other sites. If you'd like to post a photo, please save it to your computer, then upload to this site or host it on an image hosting site such as, and then paste the tag(s) into your post(s). Thank you. Tim

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    Re: Copyright rules

    Clarification: You MAY repost eBay and craigslist photos (as well as ad copy) that are not yours in the following sections:
    Van Finds
    Parts Vans For-Sale-By-Member and Found-In-Yard Alerts

    You may also repost found-on-internet photos of unique and modified Vans (and related vehicles) in these subforums:
    Van and Previa Talk
    General Discussion

    The above subforums are not viewable by anyone except signed-in members.

    As Tim stated above, DO NOT use hotlinks upload to your computer or phone (or take a screen shot) and upload from there to the forum. If the photos and/or description are worth your time (and our server space) to post them here on TVT, they are worth preserving.

    As prices for our Vans have crept upwards and generated a bit more attention, stolen photos and descriptions have been used to advertise phantom (non-existent) vehicles; there have also been Vans listed for sale (with full disclose of issues) being re-sold with lower mileage, higher prices, and so quickly that any issues likely were not corrected. Uploading photos and descriptions to the above listed nonpublic subforums gives TVT members a resource to screen for known scams and scammers.

    Please do not repost photos that are not yours in other subforums! We don't want TVT to become a one-stop-shop for scammers looking for interesting photos to claim as their own.

    Members may NOT appropriate any reposted photos or ad copy found in these subforums (DOH!) and suspected appropriation or misuse will be dealt with according to TVT Copyright Rules.

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