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Thread: Alternator Buzzing / Noise with key off

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    Alternator Buzzing / Noise with key off

    Hey folks,

    I just replaced the alternator in the 89 I'm selling and came out to a dead battery. Thought I left lights on or something, so I charged it up and same thing the next morning. Charged it up again and starting poking around. I noticed a buzzing coming from the alternator when the key is off, so my thoughts are there's something internal in the alternator that's drawing current with the key off.


    With a fresh battery it fires right up and runs super smooth. Problem didn't start until I put the new alternator in. Before I pull it out and take it for testing I'd appreciate any tips on simple things I might be overlooking.

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    Re: Alternator Buzzing / Noise with key off

    The good news is, I think I know what's up. The bad news is that you've got a brand-new bad alternator. Specifically, the diode.

    I was already thinking about the diode, then I saw the part about the buzz.

    Also, don't take my word as final until you've Googled, heard back from other TV'ers, talked to the folks at your LAPS, consulted the Oracle of Athena, etc.

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