1985 Toyota Van
Not Running
No Title will give Bill of sale which is all that is needed in GA
Engine ran well when it was parked. 3YEC - Alternator is Good, but it's been sitting a long time. I'm not sure if the Starter motor is still in it, but it was Good when I parked the van.
Many parts from top of engine taken out
Radiator is Good.
Transmission good.
Rear End is good
Steering is good
Front Windshield, Rear Window, Side Windows, Driver's Side and Passenger Side Windows, Good.
Rear Door has issues and a small dent
Sliding Side Door works but with some coaxing to get it started to open.
Driver's Side Door Opens and Closes Well
Passenger Side Door Opens and Closes Well
Some parts inside the Van not on the Engine - May or May Not be Good: Distributor, Igniter, Air Flow Meter, Other assorted parts.

Definitely a parts car. I spent a thousand on it before I found out that I could only get a Salvage Title for it. Parked it and forgot about it. Then started taking parts to see if I could use them in my 1986 Van.

Missing is the Front Bumper and the Tail Lights. Windshield wiper blades are shot. Wiper motor was Good when I parked it. Blower motor is either gone or in the back of the van. No Battery. Tires are all pumped up, but they are probably pretty worthless. Two extra wheels.