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Thread: 4wd members with All/Mud Terrains: Whatís your MPG like?

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    Re: 4wd members with All/Mud Terrains: Whatís your MPG like?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeattleSquatch View Post

    MPG seems low by comparison (especially around town; relatively flat but lots of stoplights and idle time). Open to ideas on where to look or how to start improving gas mileage?!?!
    Found another post that answers my question pretty well on where to start looking for improving fuel efficiency:

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    Re: 4wd members with All/Mud Terrains: Whatís your MPG like?

    I have had my recent van for a little over 7k miles now and am consistently averaging 16-18mpg in town with it being a mix of city and highway. I take it on 300+ mile climbing trips at least every other week and during those times I will get around 20-22mpg. I should note that I seriously try to drive 60mph max because it gives me the best mileage and ride comfort.

    My van is a 1988 5 speed manual 4x4 with Maxxis Bighorns, a country homes camper poptop in addition to a roof rack with solar panel and yakima cargo basket on top. It also has A/C but I have yet to use it enough to see how bad it dings mpg.

    In the past I had an 88 auto 4x4 on General Grabbers with remanned engine and rebuilt tranny and it ran like garbage and only got 12-15 mpg.

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