You guys know wayyyy more about these guys than I do. I just stumbled upon this one and thankfully was able to save it from a sure quick death. And enjoy the hell out of it!

it wasnít running when I got it. The bolt for the alternator was wonky and screwing everything up. We replaced the main front seal and fixed the bolt, checked everything and found a connector loose (water temp sensor?). There was a brand new fuel pressure regulator so we replaced the old one. Fixed that, changed the oil/filter, greased, checked all the fluids and it fired right up! It could use a tune by someone more familiar with these for sure but as it sits I would go on a road trip right now. And...I just had it registered so itís all paid up with cool plates for 2 years.

New tires within a couple hundred miles, brakes just freshly done all around (including new left side front rotor and caliper) and a flush of the system was also done. Goes well, shifts well and stops straight.

It is compleyely rust free. Original paint, original interior, original engine (thatís a guess) and 317,xxx miles (how, I have no clue... it looks like it was very loved besides some odd small dents).45A61BFC-B9A5-4A14-A68B-2DA2567049A4.jpg99260A29-20DF-4E88-B9E0-9385F71C349C.jpgD1C7AD2A-3480-4479-AC19-ADC61719807F.jpg84258739-377E-4311-BBA4-7F7115947E2B.jpgF98255C2-1376-4AC7-BA3E-D50D058F3E50.jpg026D2CE7-B405-4A92-8E4D-95289B8B3B18.jpg4141C50B-F3D4-4ABB-8E09-08789B3EF31B.jpgAB1CDDCA-C2A6-4A74-85BD-33669AFBDC22.jpg0B8E0C53-4D01-475F-9F26-47415A25F027.jpgF021B742-0F18-4B70-B191-CBB4916E4330.jpgE285824F-FA43-4A2C-9476-0EA6425C6A1F.jpg