OK, I did my research and ordered a set of Warn hubs as it happened, but this may help others that are on the hunt:

Not all Toyota hubs are the same. Some are 30 spline, not the 26 of the vans, and possible other diffs. the Warn site has a listing by Mfg that let me sort out quickly what hubs I could get from other vehicles and still work (If the same Warn hub works, then Toyota hubs should work across the same models)

There were NO cross mfg matches, for this Warn hub, so even though a Samurai also uses a 26 spline, it probably has a different bold circle to the hub. (I may test that someday)

The usual disclaimers: use at your own risk, double check everything...:

Pickup, Hilux, 4-Runner, with ADD ’86–95 26
T100 ’93–99 26
T100, W/ADD ’93–99 26
Van, Previa ’86–92 26
Hilux Int’l with Torsion bar susp ’98–01 26

or you can search for Warn hubs P/N 28761, for the "Premium" hub.

Warn's cross reference page:

And the particular hub:

Warn also has other grade hubs, if you go to the home page.