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Thread: Parasitic battery drain questions

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    Parasitic battery drain questions

    I am suddenly the proud owner of a 1987 TV 2wd. I couldn't be happier, except for the length of my to-do list. It has a parasitic drain on the battery, and when I find my multimeter I am going to test all the fuses first thing. Is there anything that is different about testing the fusible links that is not analogous to testing the fuses? I have never encountered a fusible link before and the Internet seems to offer conflicting advice on how to test 'em and what to do when they are found to be faulty.

    I don't really know how much testing I need to do, though. It's quite clear that something is electrically amiss in the ignition; the key-in-the-ignition buzzer won't go off even when the key is not inserted. Not really sure how to go about troubleshooting that. I am probably going to wind up installing a battery killswitch just to be on the safe side; hunting parasitic drain gremlins is satisfying once complete but sometimes it takes longer than I would like.

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    Re: Parasitic battery drain questions

    For the quickest answers, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the best ways to search TVT.

    The TVT search tag index includes "battery (parasitic drain)".

    If you read through the existing threads on the topic and still have questions, please post in the thread that most closely relates to your problem. This keeps TVT organized AND it also alerts most or all of the previous posters, improving your chances that someone experienced will respond quickly.

    Welcome to TVT, and good luck sorting out your van's problem!

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