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Thread: 1986 Van Wagon, LE

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    1986 Van Wagon, LE. $5500 OBO

    Selling my beloved Van Wagon. I've owned it for 2 years and it's been my daily driver/adventure vehicle the entire time. I've put about 17,000 miles on it and have done quite a few road and camping trips with it. The owner before me acquired it from his boss who had stored it in his garage for about 12 years after it was rear ended (you'll notice the bumper dents in the pics.) The interior looks brand new. I doubt there's many of these vans left that are in this condition.

    This is the LE version with electric driver/passenger side windows, electric locks, and the huge electric sunroof that you can stand up through (see pic!). The passenger side window switch does not work so you have to use the driver side for that one.

    5 passenger rear seats that are easily removed to accommodate bikes, bags, camping gear

    Tires are 1 year old and in great shape. New alternator and ignitor were installed last year.

    The A/C does not work. It didn't work when I got it and I haven't even tried to fix it. The heat works great.

    - The big one with this van is engine cooling. I've researched and read a lot of the ToyotaVanTech forum and it seems to be a common issue. Keep in mind you are sitting on the engine so it doesn't get a lot of air cooling. I've only really noticed the temperature gauge start to creep up during the hot Georgia summers or while climbing some of the mountains in the Appalachians. While you're driving it's fine but if you get stuck in traffic or you're doing a lot of stop/go driving it will start to get hot. I've read a lot of people will install accessory fans in the engine compartment to solve this but I just made sure not to take it out that much in the hot Georgia heat.
    - It also from time to time has a "hot start" issue where if the engine is warm it will struggle to start and seems to get flooded. Again, mainly during the summers. I've dealt with it by raising the seats if I stop somewhere, this will allow the engine to cool and usually it will start right up. I've also learned to hold the gas pedal all the way down while cranking and this will usually help the flooding and it will crank. Once it gets driving again it's fine. This could be something the accessory fan would probably fix but again, I've just learned to deal with it.
    - The brakes have gotten fairly spongey lately. I've blead them but they're still not working great. DSCF2238.jpgDSCF2246.jpgDSCF2255.jpgDSCF1446.jpgDSC_0322.jpgDSC_0318.jpgDSC_0320.jpgDSC_0323.jpgDSC_0331.jpgDSCF2235.jpg
    -Intermittent Check Engine Light

    I'm sure I've left some stuff off so email me with questions. I'll update the listing as I think of other details.

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    Re: 1986 Van Wagon, LE

    ahhh man this is niiice.
    Georgia is a decent trip from Sucklahoma, hope you find a buyer that will take care of it.

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