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Thread: 1988 LE 4x4

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    1988 LE 4x4

    Sadly, circumstances require me to sell my van. The quick details:
    203,XXX Miles
    Automatic Transmission
    Location = Missoula, MT
    Asking $4000.00

    Below I have copied my Craigslist ad. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.

    I am selling a 1988 Toyota Van LE 4x4. Unfortunately, I am moving at the end of the summer and the van cannot come with me. I have put a lot of work into this van, and it is running really well. I have driven it on road trips up to 10 hours over the past year without problem. That being said, it is a 31-year-old vehicle – not everything works perfectly, and the new owner should be aware and enthusiastic that owning the van means eventually working on the van. I took the van to Master Tech this week in preparation for sale. They adjusted the TPS, timing and rewired the cold start injector. Should be ready to get you wherever you want to go. Includes a copy of the Factory Service Manual, the Chilton Manual, and Thule Crossbars and Ski Racks. If you are interested, contact me with your phone number and I will get in touch with you.

    203,1XX Miles
    Automatic Transmission

    Replaced within the last 3000 miles:
    - Cooper WeatherMaster Tires
    - Front and rear drive lines from Powertrain Industries
    - Radiator pulled and professionally cleaned at Reynold’s Radiator in Missoula
    - Injectors pulled and cleaned by DR. Injector
    - New alternator (Denso Rebuild)
    - New Starter (Denso Rebuild)
    - New Sparkplugs (Denso)
    - New Sparkplug Wires (Toyota)
    - Throttle Position Sensor
    - Upstream O2 Sensor (Denso)
    - Air Filter
    - New Power steering pump (BBB industries), recently replaced the Air Valve o-ring in the rebuilt pump
    - New Power steering return hose, plus Pressure Line fixed with compression union splice
    - Fuel filter (Toyota)
    - Valve cover Gasket (Toyota)
    - PCV Valve
    - Thermostat (Toyota) and Radiator cap (Toyota)
    - New Muffler from Muffler Bandit in Missoula
    - Fuel Pressure Regulator (Kyosan)
    - Fuel Pulsation Damper
    - Cold start timing switch and Coolant temperature switch
    - BVSV (Toyota)
    - Fusible Link 1.25b
    - New transmission pan gasket and filter
    - Fluids – Engine oil, Coolant, AT, Rear diff
    - New Belts – AC, Power Steering, Alternator
    - All new vacuum lines
    - All new coolant lines, including Hose of death

    Known Issues –

    - Motor Mounts are probably cracked, you will feel vibration at idle and when shifting between reverse and drive
    - Oil Light always on
    - Original owner bent the front panel, which is why the van wears LeBra
    - Gas Gauge works 90% of the time. I use the trip counter just in case. If I am around 250 miles I try to fill up.
    - Wiper fluid only sprays on the rear
    - No AC. I have not spent any effort on this, could just need a recharge, or not…
    - Drivers side door is the only lock that can be moved with the key
    - Soft Suspension
    - Misc body rust and large dent in sliding door (note to future owner, the van takes corners sharp)
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