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Thread: Sitting Previa- Common Repairs

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    Sitting Previa- Common Repairs

    Hi all,

    Newbie to the forum, however I have browed them in the past when I owned an 87 van. I did a search looking for a thread I thought I'd seen before, it was something like- common list of repairs and fixes.

    Here is where I need some help. I have a previa that has been sitting which I am ready to start working on. I'm not the most car knowledgeable person, and frankly am not super into working on cars and understanding the mechanics. I do it out of necessity and not passion. I'm wondering if someone could help me out and list some of the common things that would need replacing on a van that has been sitting, and other common parts that should be taken care of or replaced while I'm working it? It has an oil leak, so I'm going to do the valve cover gasket and distributor o ring, any other common oil leak culprits I should look into?

    It's a neat van. 5-speed with a rear differential from an automatic, so it is geared for highway speeds more.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: Sitting Previa- Common Repairs

    How long has it been sitting? Months or years?

    As you said, go ahead and plan on all the soft parts... seals & orings, belts would be a safe bet, tires too. Hoses are a gamble. Tires are easy to look for damage and check the manufacturing date on.

    Fluids are a mix. oil and coolant do fairly well. If it was parked with the gas tank full it'll be better than if the tank is empty (More airspace in the tank means more space for the lighter components to evaporate... harder to get it fired up again, better chance of gummed up pump and injectors). You should count on changing the brake and clutch fluid.
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