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Thread: Hiace super custom wiring diagrams

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    Hiace super custom wiring diagrams

    Howdy y'all.
    With the recent discovery of my 92 hiace super custom's cylinder head being cracked, I am looking for a replacement engine. Now I would go ahead and repair the engine and get another head gasket but it turns out the cylinder walls also have a couple of nasty vertical gouges as well.
    Now the cylinders have already been bored out once before and the whole engine has been rebuild with shiddy Chinese parts so I'm hesitant to replace the gasket and repair the head if the engine isn't gonna be up to optimal performance.
    So I'm left with a couple of options that I'd like some opinions on:
    1: fix the crack in the head by taking it to a machine shop and put a new head gasket on and drive it as is
    2: buy another complete 3L engine and swap it in(pretty expensive to find and import these)
    3: find and swap in a 1KZ-TE (also expensive) this is where I would need the wiring info
    4:(and probably the most intense option) do the Volkswagen alh swap I've been thinking about.

    Im probably gonna go with option 1 for now but I eventually want to build my van into a long distance campervan for long trips down to the states so reliability is a crucial factor in my build
    This is why I'm considering doing the tdi swap: the alh engine is one of the most durable and robust 4cyl diesels out there and they are very common in North America so parts won't be super hard to come by. The power output is very similar to the 3L and the turbo can be upgraded. The downside of course is the massive amount of work needed to fit the alh into a hiace. There is an adapter plate available here: talked to a Toyota parts guy buddy of mine and he said the w and g series bellhousings are interchangeable). There would still have to be lots of custom fabrication involved such as intercooler, engine mounts, ac system integration, fuel lines, and all the electronic stuff involved(hence why I need to find the wiring info)

    This is probably way out of my skill zone but since I originally bought this van as a project, I figure it'll be a good challenge and to my knowledge no one has attempted this before.
    Let me know your thoughts, opinions, crazy rantings etc

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    Re: Hiace super custom wiring diagrams

    Id go crazy with the ALH
    My jetta has more power than the 3L

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