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Thread: Wheel spacers sizing

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    Wheel spacers sizing

    Hi all,

    Quick question. Still pretty new and inexperienced here so bear with me...

    My '87 4x4 van has sweet all-terrain tires from the previous owner. They are, however, larger than stock and the front driver side tire hits the chassis when turning all the way to the right. I am planning to fit the wheels with spacers to move the wheels away from the frame to avoid this.

    I am looking for clarification on the:

    - bolt size
    - thread pitch

    When I look on Amazon for spacers to fit the 87 Van, 4x114.3mm pop ups for the bolt size. But there are 5 bolts on the tires, no? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can follow up with a picture of my wheels in case there are various configurations but was hoping that this is a standard thing that one of you can help me out with right quick & easy.

    Cheers, mahalo.

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    Re: Wheel spacers sizing

    Hey Rusty

    1) Welcome to the party
    2) PLEASE learn to use the search function, it will be able to answer 90% of any question you can think of.
    3) 4WD vans have different wheels/suspension from 2WD vans
    4) Wheel STUDS are M12 x 1.25, bolt circle is 5x 5.5in (~139.9mm)
    5) If only one side hits, why not ask yourself why that is? (something bent, something sagged....)
    6) What rims are currently on the vehicle and what tires are fitted (size and brand)
    7) Have you measured ride height at the front and compared side to side numbers?
    8) Have you checked suspension components for wear &/or checked the alignment?

    I have never liked spacers.
    Granted, the thicker the spacer, the more problematic, but I have personally seen what happens when studs shear.
    Hint - it always happens in corners and usually involves unintended sheet metal modifications

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