Ran across these and thought I'd post 'em for inspiration or grins. These combinations of clamps, scrap metal and washers are what I used to stabilize/avoid damage to the steering rack on a '92 Alltrac when torquing on new inner tie rods. Maybe an overabundance of caution, but the rack had already leaked a bit and I didn't want to make things worse.

Holding the rack end prior to threading in and torquing on the tie rod. One C-clamp holds the wrench in place, the other blocks the wrench (and rack end) against twisting when the tie rod is tightened:

Ideally after screwing in the rod you hammer & bend in the edges of the washer behind the rod attachment point that then prevents it from loosening. This can be an on-van PITA, especially when it comes to the recommendation to immobilize the end of the rack. Used 3 (Kant-Twist) clamps. Inner tie rod held inside scrap pipe itself clamped to an aluminum extrusion clamped to the frame. Bunch o'washers slipped over the rod behind the pipe so the pipe could seat against something flat. Started the bend in the edges of the rod washer tapping with a hammer + metal bar until I could grab and squeeze them in with an adjustable pliers. (FYI, the block of wood (6 landscape timbers bolted together) on the left is a jack stand backup):