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Thread: HELP! Wheel Barring and Switching Lug mount sizes.

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    HELP! Wheel Barring and Switching Lug mount sizes.

    Hello, I bought some nice rims to put on my 1989 Van and they were so close to matching the measurement of the lug hub of my van, BUT they were slightly off.... Now im left wondering if I should get new lug hubs and replace the wheel bearings and rotors (they need changing) while i'm at it.

    So my question is

    - Is it worth changing the wheel bearings now at 200,000 miles?
    -How do I find a matching Lug Hub size to my van's and convert to a size that fits the new rims which are 4 Lug R14x100?
    -Is there a forum that may cover any of these subjects?

    Thanks for taking an interest on this, if you have any info, sites or part number that could help out with this job, let me know! thank you.

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    Re: HELP! Wheel Barring and Switching Lug mount sizes.

    Wheel bearings should be cleaned and inspected every 2-3 years, depending on mileage (since last service).

    The modifications you suggest are not easy, nor cheap and there is nothing "off the shelf" to solve a problem that does not exist.
    You'd be much better off selling (or returning) those rims and getting something that actually fits.

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