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    1987 4WD Manual Van, Bellingham Wa

    asking $11,000 but would give it to someone on the forum for $10,000
    Link to the craigslist ad:

    here's what it says in the ad:|

    Are you ready for ADVENTURE?
    I finally built my dream van but I unfortunately can't afford to keep it due to some recent personal financial reasons. This van has been my daily driver for the last 8 months or so. Last December it made the trek to Yosemite, with chains on the front tires and studded rear snow ties it made it over the snowy mountain pass into the valley just fine.

    -Cruse control
    -4 Wheel Drive! (this is the manual locking hubcap version with 4wheel high and low gears)
    -Lifted rear end with new big-ol truck tires on it
    -New blue-tooth stereo with 4 new speakers
    -1000w solar panel
    -Extra deep-cell "leisure battery" charged by the alternator and solar panel.
    -1000w power inverter (strong enough to run heavy-duty power tools)
    -Interior LED lights
    -bumper mounted LED "off road" lights
    -Pull-out kitchen with propane stove and working sink (electric faucet that pulls from a 6 gallon water tank)
    -Bench seat that extends to a bed with memory foam mattress (this is easily removed if you would like to use the van to haul things)
    -"heat soak fix" fan
    -Oil leak recently repaired. (the mechanic said the van is "in great shape" when he was done.
    -Luggage rack
    -NEW: power steering pump & hoses, tires, breaks, ignition system (distributor, cap, rotor, cables, plugs) Valve cover gasket, shocks (front and rear), oil level sensor gasket, engine cover, door hinges, fuel rail gasket, windshield seal, bumpers (front and rear), upholstery

    -2 Extra Road Tires (the ones that are on the front right now)
    -2 Studded Snow Tires (they're the studded version of the general grabbers that are on the rear right now)
    -Wires, buttons, and fuses if you want to add more accessories to the aux power system.
    -I still have the original rear seat and seatbelts if you'd like to convert it back to a 5-seat van (the bed and pull-out kitchen is easy to remove)
    -Tire Chains (for front wheels)

    but I'm not gonna lie, it's not perfect:
    -Burns a little oil (most old Toyotas do, less than a quart a month if it's your daily driver)
    -Some scratches on the paint in places, some dings on the front hood from rocks
    -When it's hot outside the engine can experience heat soak if you forget to run the aux fan I installed, just don't forget!
    -If you want to put the same tires on the front that are on the back you will need to have someone tighten the torsion bars and grind a little into the wheel wells. I can send you links to the forum where they explain the process, I just never got around to doing it and don't have the right tools to loosen the bolt on the torsion bar.
    -The AC doesn't work anymore. I mean, it's 34 years old, but you could convert it or find some old cartages on Ebay and recharge it if you have someone who knows how to do that.
    -Some rust was recently repaired around the windshield when it was replaced and the paint wasn't matched perfectly so you can tell if you look really close.
    -Oil level sensor doesn't work (this doesn't affect the van in any way, it just means the "oil level" light on the dash is always on. Just check the oil every other time you get gas)
    -The spare tire is kind of weird, it's the right size but it kind of sticks out a little bit. I've never used it on the front wheels and I'm not sure that it'll fit in wheel wells up there.
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