Hello. I have a 95 LE S/C Alltrac with a malfunctioning alarm system. There is a chapman alarm systems sticker on the front windows so I'm assuming it's an aftermarket alarm system. The first occurrence was a couple of weeks ago when the alarm went off at 4am during some bad weather(high winds/rain) and I assumed the weather was triggering it(specifically the high winds rocking the vehicle). However, it continued to happen even when there wasn't bad weather as well. I couldn't locate any switch in the area under the drivers side dash, but I did find a switch mounted under the hood near the battery.switchunderhood.jpgIMG_0712.jpg

The alarm only goes off when the van is completely locked so I've been parking it in the garage and not locking it. I just locked it up and am waiting to catch it going off so I can flip that switch and see if that solves the issue.

For now I am waiting to test it, but if anyone has any insight in the meantime I would very much appreciate it!