So, I believe I might have a lead on why my van refuses to start when its warm, as well as some other symptoms of what I believe is Vapor Locking. I know it probably couldnt be the starter as that was changed roughly 600 miles ago (previous one was hiccuping upon successful starting). To summarize my belief on this, the following symptoms I've noticed are as follows:

-Runs and drives somewhat rough, fuel filter was changed after I got it running on good fuel; when and if it was changed prior is unknown unfortunately

-Hard to start and/or doesnt start (had to wait 2 hours for it to choose to start at the post office at night for it to cool down!)

Although I believe this may be an issue it could be one of several, someone else I know saying the solenoid could be not working properly too causing this.

Other than that, miniscule things are to be looked at too including some unknown (and what I assume to be) unhooked possible vacuum lines. Pictures coming up real quick as I am not able to use a laptop currently. Those two lines are the only things I can see disconnected right now.

If any of you have input do let me know, not too headstrong with cars much. Thanks! Name:  16314813570054803555128335818139.jpg
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