Hi All! I have been troubleshooting a no start on my van for a few weeks now. I don't appear to be getting any spark and have followed the FSM's step-by-step troubleshooting in the Ignition chapter which has led me to "Try a New Igniter". Went through and changed distributor cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and coil but still no luck so holding out hope that an eBay Igniter will help me out!

Anyways, during my troubleshooting I was using the FPCC pretty regularly to make sure fuel was flowing and out of the blue, that connector doesn't seem to work anymore. I was wondering if anyone has had that experience before? I've checked all of the EFI Fuses, Fusible links, Circuit Opening Relay (still feel a click at COR while cranking) etc. but no luck. I'm almost wondering if i possibly fried my fuel pump from using it so much during my troubleshooting? Appreciate your help and insight on this! Any tips for troubleshooting are welcome!