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Thread: 1996 SC All-Trac Part Out

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    1996 Previa SC All-Trac Part Out

    Hi everyone. Years ago I bought a dead 1996 All-Trac Previa to scavenge parts from for our own 1996 All-Trac SC Previa. I stripped the entire thing down to the body tub and rear axle, scrapped the tub and axle, and boxed up / stored the rest of the parts. I've sold and used (its handy to have bins of Previa parts around!) some parts over the years. I thought I'd post the 'still have' list here to see if any parts are useful and of interest to forum members. DM me if you're interested in and maybe we can work something out ;) Many items on this list are minor, not even worth keeping around, or not worth shipping so sorry of the silliness of some of the things on the list, but I saved nearly everything when stripping it down.

    Heater Fan / HVAC box
    Power Steering Fluid Reservoir
    AC evaporator core, expansion valve, and air temp sensor
    Oil reservoir and pump
    Steering wheel w/CC switch
    Drivers air bag assembly
    Instrument cluster
    LF and RF ABS sensors
    VSV, 25740-76010
    VSV, 17650-76010
    Passenger air bag
    VSV, 85330-44010
    Radio amplifier
    VSV, 90910-12148
    Non labeled switch
    Power steering pressure switch
    Cruiser control actuator
    Heat sink? Fuel pump resistor
    Deceleration sensor
    ABS (trac) relays (2)
    Air bag sensor
    ABS control module
    Cruise control module
    Wiper control
    Theft warning module
    HVAC Control Assembly
    Right Headlight Assembly
    Horn - H
    Horn - L
    Wiper motor
    Dash light dimmer
    AC Switch
    Hood latch
    Liftgate gas strut
    Speaker tweeters
    AC Pressure switch
    Window Regulator & Motor
    Brake switch
    Door stop
    Jack and handle
    Tailgate window rear hatch mister
    Tailgate light
    OE Toyota starter
    Intake hose
    ABS control module
    Power steering pump and pulley
    Fan clutch
    Brake master cylinder and reservoir
    Fuel vapor canister
    Tensioner bracket and pulley
    Idler pulley
    Bracket and tensioner pulley
    Heater valve
    Brake load proportioning valve
    Auxiliary air valve
    Throttle position sensor
    Throttle body
    Vacuum switch
    Sliding door contact
    Hatch lock cylinder
    Windsield washer emitters (4)
    Door stop - curved (front)
    Fuel door latch and cable
    Sliding door lock/handle assembly
    Sliding door interior assembly
    Sliding door closure switch
    Battery hold down
    Sliding door latch and cable
    Right front window regulator
    Sliding door front latch and lock
    Sliding door closure contact
    Sliding door latch / lock posts
    Sliding door interior lock
    Sliding door roller bearing
    Sliding door contact / switch
    Right front door handle assembly
    Left front door handle assembly
    Liftgate latch / power lock assembly
    Right front door latch / lock
    Left front door latch / lock
    Liftgate latch
    Left hand interior door handle
    Right hand interior door handle
    Door closure switch
    Drivers door window controls / switch
    Door lock switch
    Door lock switch
    Right hand window switch
    Mirror switch / control
    Windshield wiper motor
    Rear ashtrays (2)
    Rear dome light assembly
    Mirror, clock, and dome light assembly
    Passenger Visor
    Rear wiper arm
    Grab handles (all), missing cap
    Tailgate center light and handle
    Left hand speaker
    Left hand R speaker
    RH taillight assembly, quarter panel mounted
    LH taillight assembly, quarter panel mounted
    RH mirror assembly
    Door latch hardware, front?
    Oxygen sensors, two
    Front differential mounts and bushings
    Curt trailer wiring
    Left hand tailight, tailgate
    Rear bump stops, two
    Misc. wiring, mostly tailgate
    Windshield wiper lines
    Rear AC drain line / hose
    Supercharger line boots
    Misc hoses
    Hood bumpers / adjusters
    Tailgate glass
    Coolant reservoir
    Windshield washer fluid reservoir
    LH dash cover w/vent
    Center dash cover, above inst cluster
    Center stereo and HVAC surround - left vent broken
    Ash tray
    LH window dash trim
    RH window dash trim
    Cupholder - dirty
    RH kick panel / vent
    LH kick panel / vent
    Spare tire carrier
    SADS shaft core
    Air box upper and lower
    Intake hose / pipe
    Intake hose / pipe
    Supercharger pipe
    Fan shroud
    Radiator shroud
    Front undertray
    LH mid tray
    RH mid tray
    Front SADS bearing assembly
    Front main accessory pulley
    Rear AC sensor
    Rear AC sensor - expansion valve
    Rear AC harness
    Rear AC fan control switch
    Front ABS sensor
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    Re: 1996 SC All-Trac Part Out

    Do you have the rear wiper motor? And if so, do you know the part-number on it?

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