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Thread: Headlight Help Needed

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    Headlight Help Needed

    20+ years in our family, our '92 alltrac has traveled all across Europe and Greece where it lived for a year. Never a missed beat, never a problem, ever. Averaged 110 mph across France with 1500 lb of family, luggage and dog!
    However the one totally screwed up design flaw by Toyota is the headlights. Ours came with prehistoric 9003 bulbs with poorly designed reflectors. There have been times when driving in a mountainous area far far away from civilization that the darkness has overwhelmed the headlights so that we could not exceed 30 mph!!
    Changed over to 9004 and 1996 units which was somewhat better but still not good.
    Now with the advent of HID and LED I can put a strong bulb into the units BUT in the meantime both of the headlight units have turned yellow and sour. Bad plastic.
    What I am writing for today is to find a source for brand new replacement assemblies of the 1996 design. I know that there must be an aftermarket manufacturer but I cannot find them
    Please HELP!
    Thank you

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    Re: Headlight Help Needed

    You are now in Texas? - you could hardly be better placed to find a salvage Previa. (Houston is where I found body parts (from a 96) for my 91.)

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