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    '93 LiteAce lift 4x4

    I finally did it after years of waiting and reading.
    read the threads, two or three times & took notes. Tried not to ask to many questions because its all been done before. Thanks to all of you

    Front, used:
    2270-FS - SENSEN Shocks Struts
    qty.2 on Amazon for $60 pair
    You have to grind down the lower end of the shock bolt bushing to fit into the shoulder part (??).
    Torsion bar crank:
    Breaking the locknut was the worst part on the torsion bar/lever looking thing. I used a 7/8" wrench and a 22mm deep socket 1/2" drive on my impact.
    1/2" up on the passenger side (left side)
    5/8" up on the driver side, (right side, has the gas tank on that side, I'm guessing that's why it needed more )

    On full turn it hits up front of the wheel. Thinking about grinding it down because its not the frame but rather a support bracket that has a little extra over hang.

    rear, used:
    Sensen 1214-0190
    qty. 2 on amazon for $34 each
    You have to grind down the lower end to fit into the shoulder part
    Daystar, KT09100BK
    qty. 2 on amazon for $50 pair
    rear was super easy, don't forget to loosen the bolts that holds the e-brake line so when you drop the axle it doesn't pull on it unnecessarily.
    I used a grinder on the Daystar spacer so the original top side spring cushion would fit inside.
    I reused the old cushions on the bottoms of the springs, I'd like to find new ones to drop in there. but oh well.
    You have to grind down the lower end of the shock bolt bushing to fit into the shoulder part on the rear axle.
    The shocks top bolt is a bit too long and will poke a hole in your carpet, so after tightening down I used a hack saw and cut off the excess, seemed to work great. I did have to remove the rear seats to get to the top shock bolts on the van body.
    Don't forget to add a bracket for the rear brake adjuster thingy that is on the rear axle.

    I also had installed General Grabbers, 27x8.5 R14
    Discount tires at $154 each

    Before lift van sat at 28" to the top of the fenders, all the way around.
    tires were 205/70/14 which measured 24" tall

    Now the fenders sit at: 30-1/4" roughly all the way around.
    Grabbers measure at 26" tall

    My shocks looked to be OME and were toast. I wish I would have swapped them out years ago.
    Bumps are much better now.
    Ill get a few pic posted later.
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