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Thread: 1986 Van Wagon 2wd

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    1986 Van Wagon 2wd

    Here is the link for the craiglslist posting. Price is negotiable and hopefully I won't have to deal with as many Craigslist scammers

    I am selling my 1986 Toyota Cargo Van. Itís a solid beast, and I have fixed the problems that Iíve faced during my time with it. I am selling it because it does not fit my needs anymore and I had to get something more adapted to my lifestyle. I am very sad to part with it but I would rather see it go to someone else that could cherish it, then let it sit in my driveway.

    The total mileage is 342974 miles. However, when the mechanic changed the instrument cluster, they moved the mileage so it states a lower mileage. I have pictures of the mileage before and after I bought it in the mechanic. Looking at the current mileage and what it was when I got it back from the shop, I drove less than 10k miles. The previous owner had changed the engine and it had about 100k when I bought it, I estimate about 115k-120k total on the engine.

    I replaced the following (all with less then 10k miles on) in order of most recent to least:
    - Alternator
    - Re cored radiator
    - New power steering pump o-ring
    - New battery
    - Fan clutch
    - Rear lightbulb
    - Headlights
    - Coolant reservoir cap
    - Window wiper blade
    - Shocks: KYB Gas-A-Just (rear & front)
    - New water pump and thermostat
    - Front wheel bearing and seals
    - Brake pads
    - New starter and has additional ground to transmission
    - Power steering pump hose replaced
    - Inner tie rod ends
    - Upper and lower ball joints
    - Read and front aligned
    - Tyres: Jumbo solis TA11 (rear & front alignment)
    - Alternator belts
    - Instrument cluster

    It is in Planed Non Operation.
    The inside and outside is as is in the pictures, with my custom paint job, and the stickers. All of it which shouldnít be too hard to get rid of if you wanted to. The previous owner had built the inside, with shelves and a pull out bed. Iíve bough it camping and itís great. There are some minor issues with the body that I can point out if you reach out, but overall it still has a lot of life in it I would say!
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