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Thread: Clutch Fluid Reservoir 1991 Liteace

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    Clutch Fluid Reservoir 1991 Liteace

    Hello does anyone know if the 91 Liteace 2c-t manual shares the brake and clutch fluid on the drivers side dash?

    I have this issue where when I start the car the clutch hydraulics donít work at all but if I pump the clutch for a while and the car warms up the pedal comes back.

    so I want to check the fluid, but canít find the reservoir and the brakes seem to work fine too. And the brake fluid isnít excessively low.

    any suggestions would be great.

    on another note itís very hard to start from 1st without the van shuddering. Iíve owned and driven many manuals so I donít think itís my driving skills.

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    Re: Clutch Fluid Reservoir 1991 Liteace

    I have no experience with the Liteace specifically but on the USDM vans the clutch and brakes do indeed share a reservoir. The clutch hose is mounted up higher on the side of the resevoir so if you have a leak in the clutch hydraulics it will still leave enough fluid in the resevoir for the brakes to function.
    It sounds like you just have a leak in the clutch system somewhere.

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