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Thread: A GEM - 1987 Toyota Van LE RWD < 229k miles $8,500 OBO *Road Ready, Camping Ready*

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    A GEM - 1987 Toyota Van LE RWD < 229k miles $8,500 OBO *Road Ready, Camping Ready*

    1987 Toyota Van LE, 2WD/RWD < 229k miles
    Automatic Transmission
    Asking $8,500 OBO.
    VIN # JT3YR26W3H5030953

    Owned and driven since 2012. Includes ALL service records dating back to previous owner in 2008.

    This baby is a GEM.. Road ready and includes a camping package.
    Posting here before I list it anywhere else because I know these TV people understand what a find this is!

    Good condition, solid body, running like a champ, even after over a decade of winters in Colorado and many drives over the mountains, up to 11,000 ft. altitude.
    Have driven her from CO to WA several times, and from CO to NY and back in the heat of summer. Fantastic camping van! 
Bought in Salem, Oregon in April 2012, has been in Colorado since then.

    The Good Stuff / Recent Work:
    • Clean Title
    • Passes emissions consistently
    • New sets of keys made (the old keys wear out and are tough to replace!)
    • Heat works
    • AC was converted/updated and charged (it has a small leak that will need to be fixed before it can be recharged again, but was charged and worked for years without a recharge).
    • Bluetooth stereo + USB plug for music
    • Lights, doors and locks all work
    • Upholstery is in good shape (except for one tear on the passenger arm rest from some goon not positioning the seat correctly to open the hood), carpet in back covering the original carpet
    • Good tires
    • New spark plugs
    • New bearings
    • Fusible link wire replaced
    • Cleaned & rewired fuse box
    • Fixed power steering fluid leaking onto alternator (new PS hoses and clamps)
    • Alternator replaced (Denzo)
    • Starter replaced
    • Windshield replaced
    • Cigarette lighters work in front and back as power outlets for DC devices (I've used a DC cooler and an inverter for charging laptops, etc.)
    ⭐️ All service records from the last 12 years + service records from previous owner. 
I've put thousands $ of love into her over the years.

    Minor Issues:
    Occasional "fuel lock". This is caused by the newer fuels having more ethanol in them than these engines were designed for. When she's hot (after an hour or so on the highway in hot weather, for example) the vaporized fuel gets "locked" in the lines and causes trouble re-starting immediately. Starts fine after sitting and cooling off for a bit, once the fuel vapor condenses again. The solution is either to mount a fan on the engine to cool the fuel lines, or to just flood the gas a little when turning the ignition off, so the fuel vapor gets pushed through the line (which has been my easy solution).

    She squeaks (she’s just excited). Struts/shocks are perfectly fine, just squeaky. Degree and loudness of the squeakiness varies - sometimes it's more or less than other times. It basically sounds like a donkey when driving over bumps or potholes. She's talkative and likes to announce her arrival, even when you'd prefer to sneak up like a ninja. A Prius, she is not.

    Brake pedal pad that hits the switch to turn the brake lights off is a bit worn, so it doesn't always make contact enough to keep the brake lights switched off after parking. This could probably be fixed by super-gluing a penny to the pad so it makes better contact with the switch, but I've found that just lifting the brake pedal gently with my foot after parking works fine. The brake lights don't stay on while driving, it's only been after parking that it has ever been an issue, and only occasionally. If the brake lights stay on, they will drain the battery (and yes, I replaced the battery). It hasn't given me any trouble for quite a while.

    Back driver's side window has a crack in it. It's been there for years, and it’s only visible from the inside (it’s not all the way through the glass). It’s never been an issue so I haven't ever replaced it.

    Extras included:

    • Thule roof rack ($310)
    • XL Cabela's Camping Cot that fits perfectly in back for a comfy bed, can store things underneath - used but still works great. ($100)
    • Bus Depot EZY Awning kit (used only once) that attaches to the van to create a 10x10’ room off the side door with front and side walls/screens and a Rear Hatch Shelter for a changing/shower room, or just to sleep with the back open and have a screen. ($345)
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