Searching for tags is the BEST way to find technical content on TVT!
Tags are added to technical threads and Library articles by Admin and Mods; blog owners are also able to add tags to their individual blog entries.

To search tags, first click on "Advanced Search"

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Locate the "Tag" field ...

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and begin typing!

>>> If you are looking for 4WD-specific information, type 4WD in the search field FIRST
>>> If you are looking for Previa-specific information, type Previa in the search field FIRST

The software will begin to autofill with valid tag options after a few characters.

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The tags are in alphabetical order, so type another letter to get the software to show the choices further down the list of possible tags.

If you aren't sure what terms to use or what tags might exist, this COMPLETE TAG INDEX will help immensely.
For 4WD-specific issues, use THE 4WD TAG INDEX

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HINT #1: There are NO tags for model years. Don't bother looking for "1984" etc.
HINT #2: If you do not see the tag you are looking for, try reversing terms for instance, leaking coolant isn't a tag, but coolant leak / loss IS a tag.
HINT #3: If you do not see the tag you are looking for when using the prefix Previa or 4WD, try the term without the prefix. For example, rusted bolts happen on other vehicles, and ALL Vanwagons have spark plugs even if they are 2WD (imagine that ... )
HINT #4: If you do not see a tag for the problem you're researching, try a more general term (shocks instead of front shocks), a more specific term (cylinder head instead of head), or an alternate term (blower motor instead of cabin fan).

The software only allows 25 characters per tag, so we've had to abbreviate some things or leave out spaces between words to make things fit, especially for Previas.

Select your choice from the tags and click "search now":

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The results will show all currently tagged threads, library articles, and blog entries.

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If you've tried searching tags and still aren't finding what you're looking for, be warned that he on-board vBulletin search function (that "search" box at the upper right) isn't all that great, and most of the advanced search options aren't any better.

Here's how to get Google to do a better job:

(1) Open a Google search (as may be appropriate for your device and/or browser)
(2) Type in "" with a colon afterwards:
(3) Follow that with your specific search terms. Example --> 4WD radiator

Here's a screenshot of results for the search terms "4WD radiator" in the example above:

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PLEASE post all your unanswered questions in the most relevant pre-existing thread if you still have questions after reading through all the search results.

------------> ONE TOPIC PER THREAD, PLEASE !!!! <------------

HINT YOU are not a topic! Your Van's SYMPTOMS are topics. _A_ specific repair you've successfully completed and documented is one topic.

Vans and Previas both typically experience similar problems, so it's highly likely that many other people have already worked through the same issues your van is having, meaning that most of the information you need right away is already at your fingertips. When that's not the case, posting in an existing, relevant thread helps you because the forum software also automatically notifies people who have participated in those threads (unless a specific member has turned off that function) this is the fastest way to receive input. It also helps the next person when all related information is contained in a few on-topic technical threads instead of scattered everywhere and buried in chatter.

Reminder DO NOT post in the 4WD subforum unless you are certain the issues your van is experiencing or the questions you have would never, EVER occur with a 2WD van.
Note: Inflated ego due to owning a 4WD (and vice-versa) does not count.

THANK YOU from all of us at Admin, Mods, and members!!!