The flex pipe on the exhaust came undone on the inside, braided sheath is still intact, but definitely blowing exhaust out in there, loud as hell, and the motor stumbles I wager since the rear sensor is not getting the readings it expects.

I'm going to weld a new one in, my question regarding removing the exhaust. I saw there are bolts after the header, and a sort of collar fitting just aft of the catalytic converter. Can I undo the fittings at those two sections and pull the middle section out, or does the hind end of it need to come down as well. I'm just not certain how that joint behind the cat works.

Also while I'm in there should I look at redoing the cat, I don't know if it had ever been replaced, 215,000 miles on it now, and it was driving just fine with what was in there. I just don't want to weld a new flex joint in to have to replace the cat in another 25k. My other vehicles with this many miles on them don't have converters so I'm just not sure what lifespan we're seeing out of them on the vans.