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Thread: '84 Manual Speedometer cable and instrument cluster

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    '84 Manual Speedometer cable and instrument cluster

    Finally got my hands on a parts van, but it's a manual and an 84, I have an 85 automatic so there's some good parts there that I have no use for.

    I pulled the entire speedometer cable and case with the gear and everything because I know someone could probably use it. Also pulled the instrument cluster, it's different than mine (no tachometer) and it has 130k on it.

    That's all I pulled to sell, but, since it's an 84 manual there's some good stuff left. Both windshield fluid reservoirs, the brake/clutch fluid reservoir and master cylinders, for example. The transmission, drive shaft, and rear differential are all there as well. Basically everything I couldn't use on an automatic is still there. The radiator is there, but in rough shape, almost certainly needing a recore. Small things I'd be willing to pull and ship if requested.

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    Re: '84 Manual Speedometer cable and instrument cluster

    interested in the manual transmission if you are willing to ship it to 91789

    and how are the driver and passenger side door hinges?

    the center counsel that the shifter sits in?

    let me know


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