• Interior Trim Color Numbering System

    Toyota uses suffixes after interior part numbers to denote colors. Most interior parts for the Vans are now NLA, but ... some are not! Searching for the parts using the color number suffixes after each part number can yield paydirt in a few cases. I have found, ordered, and received parts that others have not been able to procure in precisely this way.

    The first digit of the two-digit color suffix appears to denote the trim level, and also appears to be somewhat nebulous. Some variants may have come into existence when Toyota changed sources for a given part, or some other such reason that rarely affects us.

    The second digit of the two-digit color suffix always denotes the color.

    For generic parts (ie, used on all vans) and for "standard model" aka cargo vans:

    02 = wine
    03 = gray
    04 = blue
    05 = beige
    06 = brown or sable

    For DLX trim level vans:

    12 = wine
    13 = gray
    14 = blue
    15 = beige
    16 = brown or sable

    For LE trim level vans:

    42 = wine
    43 = gray
    44 = blue
    45 = beige
    46 = brown or sable

    The suffix "5-" also appears in some parts catalogs (ie, 53, 54, etc) and is also worth trying.